Silicone Fabric Sheet (Red)
Silicone Fabric Sheet (Red)


Silicone Fabric Sheet (Red)

The silicone coated fiberglass fabric is made of fiberglass fabric and silicone. It has good water resistance,fire resistance,chemical resistance,non-toxic and so on. 


  • Thickness: 0.2mm-5.0mm
  • Width:1000mm-1800mm
  • Temperature Range:  230°C (Silicone Coating) & 540°C (Fibreglass Insulation Clothing)
  • Color: Red
  • Length: Available in rolls or custom cut lengths
  • Surface treatment:Single side or double sides silicone coating


  • Expansion Joints.
  • Bellows and Ductwork Connectors.
  • Removable or Permanent Insulation Jackets and Covers.
  • As a Welding Drop Cloth.
  • Fire Blankets.
  • Fire Doors and Curtains.
  • Steam Pipe Insulation.
  • High Temperature Pipe Lagging.
  • Flange and Valve Covers.
  • Pump Covers.
  • High Temperature Gaskets and Seals.
  • For Protective Barriers and Heat Shields.


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